Update from Darius

Hope you are holding up well and taking the opportunity to get your exercise in and work on your temple. I have been a busy boy creating new websites, working on blog content, video content, and still working face to face – albeit virtually across over 30 sessions a week.
Also, you can find daily posts for inspiration on my Instagram account, which now has over 1200 followers, here:  https://www.instagram.com/dariusmcdonald1/
If you need an exercise program from an experienced professional, I have some excellent monthly packages at a great value that give you access to a specialist app that provides direct contact with me, bespoke programming, and video demonstrations for home workouts with little or no equipment.
If you want to get your kids active try them with my series of Fun Kids Family Workouts – across all the workouts we have had over 3000 views on Facebook, which can be found here:
Or on youtube:
On the injury front, I have been doing video consultations for a small fee to give advice on exercises and self-massage techniques to aid recovery.
If you think I can help, reach out. Be well and stay safe
Kind Regards,
Darius McDonald
Head Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist
100percentfitness Limited
m. 07725908356

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