Instant Home

Founded over 20 years ago by husband and wife team Hollie and Steve, and much respected in the local community, “Instant Home” is a company that caters not only for people in need of emergency furniture, but also provides furniture for rental properties and property staging, as well as for relocation customers.

Having been heavily involved in community projects and having supported local charities, such as Addenbrookes Charitable Trust and My Black Dog, for several years now, the SA is proud to be connected with such a highly regarded company as “Instant Home”.

Hollie and Steve have been involved in squash at Hunts County Squash club for a while having supported Sofia Aveiro Pita during her journey to becoming a professional squash player. Their son Stan is also one of our up-and-coming juniors.

We are excited to be working with “Instant Home”. You can find out more about the company and the great work they do here:

Visit the Instant Home website