I feel better and fitter!

Some lovely feedback from one of our members!

I personally find the gym very good just the right equipment for me. The booking system is very simple to use and 9 times out of 10 I can book a session in the morning, to go later that day. I initially had my induction with Claire who was very helpful and professional and even now when I see her in the gym she is still keen to help and give me advice when I need it.

There is a weights room which I rarely use, its just not my thing. I tend to use all the weight machines, the watt bike, rowing machine and the treadmill.

I joined the gym in November 2022 four months after having an operation to help with my recovery and to regain my fitness, because I am a keen mountain biker.

Since joining the gym I have managed to lose 6 Ibs, I feel better and fitter in myself I am also back on the bike and riding 30 / 40 miles a week.

I genuinely feel at 67 I am in good shape and a lot of that is down to joining and committing to a couple of session a week in the gym.

I personally keep a record of when I go to the gym, also the exercises I do, just a simple spreadsheet I find it keeps me motivated and helps monitor my progress.

I personally like this gym because I can walk to it, I find everyone I meet very friendly and helpful. There is always someone about to ask if you are unsure of anything. The gym is always very clean and the showers are clean and very hot.

Peter Cade 2023

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