A message from the Sports Academy

Once again we find ourselves preparing for the re-opening of the facilities so that we can resume all of our services. 
The team is excited to be working towards getting our valued clients back together whether that’s Rob & the coaching team, the gym team for PT & Sports Therapies, or Mary & I with the gym for our loyal members. 
Under the immense challenge of delivering sports and activity services in a Covid-Secure manner throughout most of last year, to ensure we were protecting our staff, members & guests, the Sports Academy staff did a superb job. This again will remain our top priority and everyone can look forward to the same great level of service knowing that the hygiene and health & safety standards will be maintained at those levels as we return. 

Personally, I found this period of restrictions really challenging in terms of maintaining my own usual levels of activity and motivation so really cannot wait to get back into the club and get 2021 started properly after washing away the long, tough winter! 

Thank you to everyone involved with The Sports Academy for your amazing support & loyalty. Take good care in this last stretch of restrictions & challenges and we look forward to receiving you back very soon. 

Stay Safe & Active. 

Colin Griggs
Managing Director 

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