1950-2020: 70 years

I first became interested in playing sport reasonably seriously when sent away to Boarding School just after the Second World War, with my Dad away in the army and my Mother evacuated out of London. The school headmaster decided that we would self-build a tennis court on the school grounds, which started in 1947 and was completed in 1949! Having built the court, older boys were encouraged to play the game with the help of our Sports Master who was an excellent player.

This got me started and since then tennis and then squash became a major part of my life, first as a player and then as a way to make a living.

Along the way I had to face many difficulties, at first financial – there is no professional income from playing racket sports back then – but as time went on, minor injuries and later still, major medical problems that threatened my playing anything.

The onslaught of the Corona Virus in such a quick time (less than three months), is something none of us has experienced – or anything like it. It is very serious and must be treated as such.

The one similarity that this time in your lives, mirrors time in mine – is “How much do you want to be considered one of the best at what you do”?

It is always easier to find an excuse NOT to do something than it is to find a solution to complete a project despite set-backs.

The Sports Academy is one of the few sports organisations well placed to be able to help you meet your sporting ambitions through this very difficult time.

With the help of one of the Sports Academy coaches – linked to understanding what sort of physical straining regime is best for you to follow (and remember, everyone’s body is different and therefore needs a slightly different approach to maximum training benefit), with advice from one of The Gym Team you can adapt the present lock-out to facilities to training from home.

Remember, there have not always been gyms and squash courts readily available. I had to travel some way as a youngster to find tennis/squash courts, hitting a ball against the garage door was my early practice regime when at home: training (nothing like as efficient as today) was stretching, runs (even back then we understood the difference between Aerobic and Anaerobic training!) and made up on the spot ways of creating a good heart rate.

When you get back on the court again, it will be very clear to the SA coaches, who have managed to put in the training through their own enthusiasm – and who has used this period of non-organized activities to find an excuse to do nothing!

I am asking the SA Team to put aside 4 X £50, to be given towards purchases in the shop and awarded to the top four young players, that in the opinion of the coaches have best risen to the occasion when battle recommences at HCSC – whenever that may be.

My reward – having no Sports Academy to support me – was gaining ranking points year on year, until I reached the highest World Ranking I could, based on my ability. We all have to understand, that unless you are number 1 (whether at the club, county, national or international level), there will be someone better than you and therefore always a challenge.

Good luck through the coming weeks/months: stay healthy: make sure your family stays healthy.

As always

David Morgan

The Sports Academy

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