Eye Rackets revolutionised the Squash market by designing a non-bumper strip frame. Through this pioneering design and uniquely fresh approach – “Dare To Be Different” was born. Since 2015 Eye Rackets has been leading the way as the only pure squash brand on the market with a full range of products to suit all players from grassroots to the professional level used by the best players in the world. They have been a major Club Partnership sponsor for the last three seasons and, as one of the contemporary racket manufacturers within the squash field, their values reflect those of The Sports Academy perfectly. Sponsorship by Eye Rackets for not only the coaching team and elite juniors, but also for major events at Hunts County has added quality and continuity to the service provision at the squash club. The Sports Academy aims to extend this relationship in line with future development plans and is hopeful that this strong partnership will continue to improve.

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